Wallabox - Universal Cell Phone Holder

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Universal Cell Phone Holder - Wall Mount, Non-Damaging, Fits All Phones. Great for Bedroom, Bathroom, Office, Kitchen, and Charging Station.

Protect your phone from drops, plops, and spills. Wallabox is available in fun, trendy colors to match any décor. Get yours today!


  • Each one comes with a removable, non-damaging strips, and Alcohol prep pad.
  • Peel and Stick to any smooth surface. No tools needed!
  • One size fits all cell phones.

The concept for Wallabox was born during an outdoor concert during summer 2014. Anne Brewer, an entrepreneur and military spouse, was using a port-a-john when her cell phone fell out of her back pocket. Her phone hit the floor – but the close call inspired her to start researching cell phone holders in public restrooms. When she came up empty-handed, she decided to design her own. And voilá: Wallabox, a plastic cell phone pocket that easily sticks to and unsticks from a wall, was born. One of Brewer’s biggest initial challenges was narrowing her focus to one target market. Mentors helped her stay focused, keep going and see her vision through. She’s also learned to trust herself. “Go with your gut!,” she says. “I had people telling me all kinds of ways to do business. Finally I regained the confidence to let it all go and get back to my original plan.” She’s proud that Wallaboxes are made in the USA, just as she had intended.