Top 8 Ways to Support the Military Community

If you’ve decided to support veterans and their families, there are countless ways to make a difference. Every effort counts! With that in mind, let's explore some simple yet effective ways to give back to these heroes and their loved ones. 

Here are eight meaningful ways to support service members, veterans, and their families.  

  1. Purchase from Veteran-Owned Business 

There are approximately 2.52 million businesses in the U.S. that are majority-owned by veterans [source]Purchasing from these companies is a practical and impactful way to support the veteran community. Many of these businesses prioritize quality and handmake their products in the U.S. However, many are still small businesses facing unique challenges. By buying a product, you not only directly support their business, but you also are helping create more jobs for veterans as the businesses grow.  Amazing, isn’t it? 


If you’re not sure where to begin, Military Made is a dedicated marketplace for discovering and purchasing products made in the U.S. by veterans and their families. Military Made brings together the finest veteran-owned companies. By shopping at Military Made, you're getting high-quality products and services while directly supporting U.S. military families' lives. These businesses reflect the values and discipline their veteran owners gained in the military while ensuring the best quality services and products for consumers. 


  1. Support Organizations that support Veteran-Owned Businesses 

Supporting communities that assist veteran-owned enterprises through donations, volunteering, or partnerships directly contributes to veterans' success in the civilian sector. Such resources include monetary support, business education, connections, and campaigns, all of which are critical for the growth and longevity of veteran-owned businesses.  

  1. Offer Support during Deployment 

Support can be offered in multiple ways. For example, you can bring care packages to families in your community with family members who are currently deployed or offer heartfelt gestures by bringing meals or watching over the kids. Such gestures create a supportive community network.  

Families tend to feel lonely or alone during deployment, so it’s great to let them know they still have someone around who cares. You can do so by inviting them to outings like picnics, barbeques, play dates with kids, small parties or get-togethers. 

  1. Create More Job Opportunities for Veterans 

Veterans bring unique skills, discipline, and perspectives to the civilian workforce, which can be directly translated into the civilian world. Companies can help ease a highly challenging transition from military to civilian life by providing employment opportunities. Many veteran-targeted initiatives can effectively increase job opportunities for them. These may include job fairs, specific recruitment programs, and partnerships with military transition programs.  

  1. Educate the Community about Military Life 

Teaching your communities about military life in ways they can connect to is essential. From conducting events in schools where veterans can share their stories to using local newspapers or social media to share military history with even more people. Besides this, by getting involved on a personal level, one can closely see the challenges and needs of these families. Furthermore, days like Veterans’ Day are great for showing respect and learning more about what it means to serve. 

  1. Volunteer with orDonate to Veteran Organizations 

There are countless ways to offer support. Be it offering time, money, donation, or volunteering to support these veteran organizations, they can greatly support veteran families. Such donations can make a significant difference in their lives. Fulfilling a family’s needs is the most practical way of showing that you care.  

Actions matter more than words. One way to help is by volunteering in transportation for people who need help getting to their appointments. Volunteering as a driver can help them get to medical appointments, grocery stores, or other essential places. Companies usually look out for driving volunteers to provide support to community members. It is a unique and kind way to help those without transportation or needing extra assistance.  

Many veteran organizations and support groups encourage volunteering. You can also contribute as little as a dollar. Last but not least, offering your time to make someone feel better counts as well. It is a step of kindness that provides support and comfort. 

  1. Celebrate the Month of the Military Child in April 

Military children often face unique challenges because of their military family life, like moving frequently or having a parent deployed. We can show our support for them in fun and meaningful ways. April is a special month because it's when we celebrate military children. Schools and community groups can set up special activities surrounding the event just for them.  

We can share their stories to let others know what life is like for them. Wearing purple is an incredible way to show we’re thinking about them, as purple is a color that represents all branches of the military—a combination of Army green, Coast Guard blue, Air Force blue, Marine red, and Navy blue. It's all about making these kids feel seen, appreciated, and proud of their family’s role in serving our country. 

Choose Your Way of Offering Support & Care to Veterans  

Caring and offering support is purely subjective; every effort makes a difference, whether through simple acts of kindness, like helping with everyday chores, or more structured support, such as creating job opportunities and educating others about military life.  

Through these little assistance actions, they feel that they’re not alone in this journey while receiving our deep gratitude and respect for their sacrifices.  

This list of unique and meaningful ways of supporting veterans doesn't end here! Let's continue to find ways to show our appreciation and ensure that the sacrifices of our military personnel and their families are never forgotten.