Grandma’s Mango Pepper Sauce

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This non-GMO, vegan and gluten-free pepper sauce is a fruity twist on the West Indian original. With ingredients like papaya, lime and, of course, pepper, it’s rich in taste and plays nicely with the other flavors in your food. Its consistency works as a marinade or a dip, so it can go on literally anything (veggies, eggs, fish, meat and more). Taster beware: the spice in Grandma’s Mango Pepper Sauce packs a punch.

Iman McDonnagh-Brown always loved her grandmother’s cooking; growing up the table was full of roti and oxtail stew and other dishes from her native Trinidad and Tobago. But it was the homemade pepper sauce, plus a nudge from her father, that convinced Iman to move from a career in modeling to one in cuisine. In 2018 she and her husband, Ryan, launched the veteran-owned company We Are Wonderfully Made, bringing West Indian flavors and personal sensibility from their kitchen to farmer’s markets in San Diego, where Ryan’s stationed with the U.S. Navy, and supermarket shelves nationwide.