Grill Box

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A Grill Box from Military Made delivers everything you need to grill like a pro. Each box comes with a selection of veteran-made products such as spices, sauces, rubs and other grilling accessories, so you can try new flavor combinations and techniques for your favorite foods while supporting veterans.

Products included in the Grill Box:

Signature Hickory

Smoked Sweet with Kickin’ Heat

Founded by Mike and Deardria Otis, North Carolina-based Battle Tested BBQ sauces began with a closely-guarded recipe from Mike’s father. The hickory sauce is a complex, smoky version of the original with a subtle kick. Signature Hickory tastes great on grilled meats, but also works magic on crockpot chicken—if you can take the heat.

Ma Deuce Steak Seasoning

With ingredients like citrus peel zest, dehydrated worcestershire sauce and even (maybe) a pinch of gunpowder from each .50 cal round sent downrange, Ma Deuce is made to go big or get off the grill. A word to the wise chef: don’t be stingy with this seasoning. It has bold flavors, made for intrepid cooks (and guests).

Grandma’s Mango Pepper Sauce

This non-GMO, vegan and gluten-free pepper sauce is a fruity twist on the West Indian original. With ingredients like papaya, lime and, of course, pepper, it’s rich in taste and plays nicely with the other flavors in your food. Its consistency works as a marinade or a dip, so it can go on literally anything (veggies, eggs, fish, meat and more). Taster beware: the spice in Grandma’s Mango Pepper Sauce packs a punch.

Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce

Known for its shimmering coastline and lush landscape, South Carolina is also home to a rich barbecue culture, courtesy of German heritage on the western side of the state. Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce bears the best of that lineage—think fresh fruits and vegetables with a dash of mustard for a distinctly bold taste perfect for pork roasts, ribs, or whatever else you throw on the grill. What you won’t find are added sugars or artificial ingredients. True Made Foods is all about healthy, all-natural sauces, straight from the ground.

Afghan Curry Braise

Afghanistan has long been a producer of some of the world’s finest spices, and was a key crossroads for commerce and trading on the silk road. Rumi’s Afghan Curry Braise is an update to traditional curry flavors, with hints of saffron alongside cinnamon, clove and paprika. Use it as a rub for grilled lamb or chicken, or mix it into a traditional curry with rice on the side. However you try it, get ready for a small taste of magic.

BARREL .338 Bourbon Finishing Bullet

Cool summer nights and roaring campfires call for friends, family and a glass of bourbon to top it off. Battleground Farm’s Bourbon Finishing Bullet is the final touch: made of oak, maple or cherry wood, adding a bullet to your bottle of bourbon gives it a smoother finish and a subtle flavor. In a nod to the brand founders’ military roots, each one is shaped like a Military Sniper .338 Lapua Magnum cartridge, and can be used on up to three bottles. Go ahead: upgrade that bourbon, sit back and enjoy.

Make your favorite food taste better with our grill box. This barbecue box will up your grilling experience and bring out the richest flavors in your food. Whether you use a cast iron grill, a Weber grill, a pellet grill, or barbecue using gas or charcoal or other cooking systems, our BBQ box will make your favorite grilled food taste even better. It's a great option whether your cooking at home, camping, or tailgating.